This is one of the games that got me hooked on the series. Parents, if your kid asks to lớn play any COD game, let them play this one first. I have played this over and over again & I love it. If you are cautious of the rating, it is no worse then a PG-13 such as any war movies, the blood is nonexistent if you turn of the gore settings & if you don’t wanna hear swearing, the volume can be turned off. If you let your kids watch war movies, let them play this. However, the swearing is heavier as the story moves on as it becomes more attached with the story, và violence is expected because you have to shoot khổng lồ win and you can’t win without violence. However, all of the bad stuff can be tuned out.

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The reason I took so long lớn get BO2 was because of its violence. The gore,blood,executions are sickening. It is in my opinion more violent than BO1 và I feel người lớn is a minimum age to lớn play it. No younger.
I think it"s good because you can take of blood swearing ect ,its actually a little educational for kids lượt thích Soviet involvement in Afghanistan .Also the story emereses people in the story khổng lồ .

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If you don"t turn of the blood và swearing than this trò chơi is for adults, but if you turn the blood and swearing OFF, than it could easily be T rated game.
This is a shooter trò chơi to the sequel of the first đen ops game it is very violent and expect language lượt thích f*ck & sh*t and other profane words but overall if your mature enough then it’s ok for a 14 year old my opinion.
This trò chơi is amazing!! The campaign, multyplayer, and zombie mode are all amazing. Some blood when you shoot people but not over the top. Some swearing here and there. Overall one of the best cods ever!!
call Of Duty: black Ops II is a 2012 war game made by Activision.Rated MFor strong language, intense violence, suggestive themes, bloodLanguage(3/5): There is a setting where you can only play multiplayer and zombies, where there is no dialogue at all. However, in chiến dịch mode, the characters swear, with uses of "f**k", "s**t", "b**ch", "c**k", "d**k", "sl*t", "a**hole", "hell", và more.Sex(2/5): References khổng lồ prostitutes.Drinking, Drugs, và Smoking(1/5): References lớn c*caine & other drugs are mild & scattered throughout.Violence(4/5): The concept is lớn kill other enemy players, and you kill them with a series of weapons including knives, grenades, helicopters, explosions, và primarily all types of guns. Some blood is shown when you kill people at close range.Positive Messages: Maybe an antiwar message or message about courage...?Positive Role Models và Representations: Virtually none throughout the carnage.Quality(opinionated): A great game, and especially entertaining with friends. It"s very addicting và incredibly well made.

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