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 Insurance Requirements employers are required lớn carry workers’ compensation insurance if they have one or more employees.

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This applies khổng lồ all employers, regardless of whether the employees are part-time, full-time, or family members. Anyone who gets paid for the work they perform is presumed lớn be an employee.

 How khổng lồ Get Coverage

Protect your business và employees by getting a workers’ compensation insurance policy. You can get coverage from a commercial insurance carrier or, for companies that qualify, by applying to become self-insured.

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Find a workers’ compensation carrier here. (When using the insurance carrier search tool, make sure to lớn select "" from the "State" dropdown, select "Company" from the "Entity Type" portion, select "Workers" Compensation" from the "Authorized Line Type" & press "Submit" lớn see alphabetized results.)

For information about self-insurance, or for self-insured employers who need to file their annual permit renewal, click here. 

 Independent Contractors và Coverage Exemptions

There are exemptions khổng lồ carrying workers’ compensation insurance. The most common exemption is independent contractors; however, there are specific requirements for contractors

 Reporting Injuries

You must notify the insurance carrier of an injury within 10 days, no matter how minor the injury. This is done by filing an Employer"s First Report of Injury size (WC 1). Filing this khung is not necessarily an admission of the facts, it is a statement that the employee is making a claim. 

If you have an accident where an employee dies, or where three or more employees are injured, you must liên hệ your insurance company immediately

 Designating Medical Providers

In non-emergency situations or when emergency care is no longer required, you must provide the injured worker with a designated provider list. 

A designated provider list must:

be provided immediately upon notice of the injury;be provided as a written copy to the injured worker within seven business days of the report of the injury;have four physicians and/or corporate medical providers within a 30-mile radius that are willing to lớn treat the injured worker; and Exceptions can apply khổng lồ rural areas, & telemedicine is permissible. include complete tương tác information for the insurance carrier/self-insured employer.

If no physician is properly designated, the employee may select the health care provider of their choice.

 Keep Your Workplace Safe and Save Money

If you have a safety program in place or develop one for your business, you could qualify for a discount of up to lớn 10% off your workers’ compensation insurance premium through the Premium Cost Containment program.