Jo in sung reveals why he won't join 'running man'

"Running Man" Lee Kwang-soo X Jo In-sung certified "best friend" who received accompanying health screenings

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In a recent recording, Yo Jae Suk introduced "Lee Kwang-soo received health screenings with Jo In-sung" và Lee Kwang-soo said, "Jo In-sung gave sầu me health screenings." The members said, "If you act as a deanhỏ, do you get a salary?" I laughed.

Then, when the talk about "flash card" came out, Yo Jae Suk said, "There is a plathẻ in Lee Kwang-soo"s neighborhood that "Jo In-sung và Health screenings are received together"." Lee Kwang-soo continued to lớn tease Lee Kwang-soo.

Meanwhile, "Running Man", which is broadcasted this week, is decorated with the "Rice of Mountain Hogel", a special birthday race of singer Klặng Jong Kook.


Lee Sung-kyung "four-year-old younger sister, acting as a musical actor...more than me" (white-half-time)

Actor Lee Sung-kyung spoke about his 4-year-old younger sister. In the 118th episode of TV Chosun 'White Travel of the Diner Huh Young-man' (hereinafter referred to lớn as 'White Travel'), which was broadcast on August 27, the Incheon Ganghwa Isl& delicacy table with actor Lee Sung-kyung was portrayed. Lee Sung-kyung revealed that he had a brother who was four years old, saying, "It is a younger sister, but it is svào, thiông xã và good, lượt thích a son." "I'm doing musicals, I'm just starting and working hard," she replied lớn Huh Young-man, who asked her brother's current situation.

Fencing national player Kyên Jun-ho has revealed a tear-twin story of his wife, who is five years old. Klặng Jun-ho appeared on the tee cast E channel 'No Bro 2', which was first broadcast on August 23, with fencing national team Gu Bon-gil & Klặng Jung-hwan. Oh Sang-wook was unable to lớn participate in the recording because he had lớn treat the injured place after the Olympics. Kim Jun-ho participated in the recent 20đôi mươi Tokyo Olympics with Gu Bon-gil, Kyên ổn Jung-hwan và Oh Sang-wook. After a series of cthua kém matches, he was honored with Gold medal in the fencing Sabres men's team exhibition. "All three of my wives are stewardesses," Park said after a brief welcome for the fencing Avengers team. Later episodes of fencing Avengers wives' post-Olympics were released. "My wife cried as I called, I was under a lot of pressure because I only played in the team event," Kim Jun-ho said. "I was worried about that và I had a lot of conversations, I cried on the

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Kyên Yeon-kyung, Oh Ji-young, Yeom Hye-sun, Klặng Hee-jin, Lee So-young, Ahn Hye-jin và Park Eun-jin of the women's volleyball team, who gave sầu hope and impression to lớn the people through passion and passion that they did not give sầu up in '2020 Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and' In fact, 'Running Man' is the first entertainment show in which a large number of female volleyball team players appear. The production team is preparing a special feature for the limited meeting between 'Running Man' members & national team players. Immediately after the '2020 Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and', various portals and online communities were flooded with requests for 'Running Man' by national players, và the meeting between the women's volleyball team và 'Running Man' was finalized. The race of 'Running Man' and the women's volleyball team, which will be a meeting of the past cấp độ that can not be seen in any

Park Hae Soo opened an Instagram account on the 2nd & said, "I participated too . Park Hae Soo; Park Hae Soo. Cho Sang-woo. Squid trò chơi," he posted. The photo lớn released together shows Park Hae Soo staring at the camera; Park Hae Soo showed off her warm visuals in a suit and a smile. Actor Lee Jung-jae also opened an SNS tài khoản for the first time in 28 years after his debut. The two's SNS openings quickly spread, with Lee Jung-jae achieving 250,000 followers and Park Hae Soo quickly achieving more than 1đôi mươi,000 followers. On the other h&, Netflix original 'Squid Game' released on the 17th is a drama depicting survival game with a prize money of 45.6 billion won.

"Don"t let go of the spirit line" Lee Su-min, Should catch the premiere called the fresh youthful charm

On Tuesday, Yon Joo-man wrote on his Instagram account: "Squid game. Find out where I'm coming from through my voice. Not much. I have a memory that I took last year when I was sweating in the hot summer. It was hard but fun. " Inside the picture is a picture of Yoon Joo-man staring at the camera in a purple work suit. Netizens' interest gathered in the appearance of 'squid game' lượt thích Yoon Joo-man's. The netizens who watched the photos responded such as "Where are you? Samo? Nemo? Circle?", "Semio in the surgical scene?", "Yoon Actor who also appeared only in the masterpiece."
Actor Ha Do-kwon has released an anecdote with Heo Sung-tae, a squid game. Ha Do-kwon said on his instagram on the 1st, "It was the day I met in the same place in Daejeon last year and Sung-tae was shooting a squid game." “Yesterday, I was watching Squid Game, but all night, it was so fun,” Hadokwon added. The photo shows Ha Do-kwon, who is filming the movie, meeting Heo Sung-tae, who is filming Squid trò chơi, and taking pictures together. Heo Sung-tae is dressed as a participant in Squid trò chơi, and Ha Do-kwon will become a spoiler, mosaicing his hands and feet khổng lồ attract attention. On the other h&, Netflix 'Squid Game' starring Huh Sung Tae is a story about 456 people being invited to the mysterious Death Game with 45.6 billion won in prize money.
SBS & Disney Plus joined hands with Disney Plus lớn serve the popular entertainment 'Running Man' at Disney Plus. However, Yo Jae-Suk, who can be called the face of 'Running Man', does not appear. The results of the 1st day coverage will be streamed on Disney's OTT platsize Disney Plus, which will be launched in Korea on November 12, titled 'Running Man: The Man Who Plays on the Runner'. It is produced in a spin-off format & has differed from existing TV casts, with some members including Yo Jae-Suk not appearing. Disney Plus's decision lớn serve 'Running Man' is a strategy to lớn secure competitiveness in Battle with existing OTT companies that have dominated the market in Korea. It is intended to lớn raise awareness of Asian viewers quickly through entertainment 'Running Man' which is popular throughout Asia including Korea. Disney Plus has introduced 'Running Man', and competition has also been created with competitors such as Netfli
'Running Man' Ahn Hye-jin admits nickname 'Shin Min-ah of volleyball' In SBS entertainment 'Running Man' broadcasted on the 26th, the women's volleyball team Kyên Yeon-kyung, Kyên Hee-jin, Yeom Hye-sun, Oh Ji-young, Lee So-young, Ahn Hye-jin and Park Eun-jin who wrote the semi-finals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were invited as guests. On this day, Ahn Hye-jin explained the nickname "Shin Min-ah of volleyball." The players were wondering, & Oh Ji-young said, "I thought it was pretty, but Shin Min-ah heard it for the first time." "I didn't talk first, but I think the fans talked nicely," said Ahn Hye-jin. So Klặng said, "What bởi you think? It's not that, "he asked, and Ahn Hye-jin laughed, saying," It seems similar. " Yoo Jae-seok said, "Ahn Hye-jin is not pushed by Kim Yeon-kyung." Kyên ổn Yeon-kyung said, "It's not a joke. It's because the packaging is good. I always seem to lớn say someth
A biased line: boring. It’s a long story. The game itself is boring, too, before it starts full-fledged games. It is a game that risked his life, but it is not shocking even if he is punished. This is why he declares Boycott on the Clip streaming Netflix series 'Squid Game'. The Squid trò chơi tells the story of people who are in the trò chơi of Death khổng lồ win the 45.6 billion won prize money that they have changed from their lives. Lee Jung-jae & Park Hae-soo will be in the original work prepared by director Hwang Dong-hyuk of Suspicious She và Namhansanseong 13 years ago. It is slow. Most of the first episode is devoted to lớn why Lee Jung-jae had khổng lồ step inkhổng lồ the game of death. I want lớn build up a reason khổng lồ enter the 'Squid Game' by looking at his situation, which is a total difficulty such as gambling addiction, Trắng water, divorce, and incompetence. When you’re frustrated, the game and the sentence for the failure are much simpler than expected. It steams lớn the point that

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