Shin cậu bé bút chì movie 5

The Nohara family inadvertently gets involved in a dispute between two clans who are fighting lớn possess a strange sphere claimed khổng lồ be able to lớn bring back to lớn life a powerful evil being. Shin-chan and his family must run away to lớn protect Himawari since she ended up swallowing the small orb.

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Hanada Ichiro is an abrasive young man who lives with his hag of a mother, his father the drunk, his grandfather the absent-minded, & his older sister. One sunny afternoon, Ichiro"s rebellious antics finally take a turn for the worse, causing him to lớn get hit by a car. When he awakens, he discovers that he has the ability khổng lồ see ghosts, and converse with them (much khổng lồ his dismay, since they all seem khổng lồ want helpful favors). Will Ichiro"s newfound ability be a blessing, or just another annoyance in his life?

TagsComedySeinenCountrysideCrudeFamily LifeGhostsSupernaturalNuditySuper Radical Gag FamilyTV (33 eps)Studio DEEN1998

The life of a typical Japanese family is never dull – something the Oosawagi family proves in leaps and bounds. Kotetsu is crude, rude, and high strung; Sakura has poor taste in men; infant Yuuta is as xinh đẹp as can be; Grandpa Kintetsu is ancient; and the pet chimpanzee is… a chimpanzee?! With creepy neighbors, school bullies và a variety of other problems to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with, the Oosawagi family will tackle each day one gross và unusual moment at a time!

Otakara! Urayasu Tekkin KazokuVol: 1; Ch: 172008

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TagsComedyWild Fancy Dynamite!Vol: 1; Ch: 14Manga Box2014

What if the world were to kết thúc today? What if you were lost in the desert without water? What if war broke out around the world simultaneously? Five normal healthy young men & women fantasize about groping XXX, or making someone drink XXX, etc., but why does it always have khổng lồ end like that?

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TagsComedyShounenHoshi DemitasseVol: 4; Ch: 1202016 - 2019

Always ridiculous, always irreverent, and sometimes flat out raunchy, each punchline reminds us that hey, life isn"t that bad after all...until when it is. But we can still laugh at it!

Tags4-komaComedyObocchama-kunVol: 24Corocoro Comic1986 - 1994

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TagsComedyShounenSuper Remix BestVol: 2; Ch: 7Young Magazine2001 - 2002

When I pooped one morning... I gave birth to a rabbit.

TagsComedySeinenCollectionsCrudeDark ComedyMinna Daisuki MarutarouCh: 9Young Champion Retsu2006

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TagsComedySeinenCrudeEnomotoVol: 9Morning1997 - 2003

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