The Gifted (Thai TV Series) bầu Drama Plot Summary

The Gifted 2018 (นักเรียนพลังกิฟต์) follows the school life of main protagonist Pang after he mysteriously earns a spot in Ritdha High School’s prestigious Gifted Program. After the thrill of discovering his special powers which led him to lớn the Gifted Program, Pang realizes that there are dark secrets surrounding the Gifted Program and he sees it as his duty khổng lồ expose those dark secrets to lớn the world.

Main Characters in The Gifted & their PowersPawaret “Pang” SermrittirongWasuthorn “Wave” WorachotmetheeChayanit “Namtaan” PrachkaritWichai “Ohm” Sai-NgernIrin “Claire” JaratpunPunn TaweesilpThanakorn “Korn” GorbgoonPatchamon “Mon” PitiwongkornPorama “Pom” WongrattanaEpisode Recaps – The Gifted 2018 (นักเรียนพลังกิฟต์)The Gifted thai Episode 1 RecapThe Gifted thai Episode 2 RecapThe Gifted thai Episode 3 RecapThe Gifted bầu Episode 4 RecapThe Gifted bầu Episode 5 RecapThe Gifted thai Episode 6 RecapThe Gifted bầu Episode 7 RecapThe Gifted thai Episode 8 RecapThe Gifted bầu Episode 9 RecapThe Gifted bầu Episode 10 RecapThe Gifted bầu Episode 11 RecapThe Gifted bầu Episode 12 Recap

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