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These heartwarming stories explore the abiding emotional bonds that form between dogs and their caregivers, no matter the circumstances.

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Season 2 Trailer: Dogs
Dogs: Season 1 (Trailer)
Season 1 Trailer: Dogs
Dogs: Season 1: "https://minhmangreen.com/xem-phim-cho-va-nguoi/imager_1_279_700.jpgScissors Down"https://minhmangreen.com/xem-phim-cho-va-nguoi/imager_1_279_700.jpg (Episodic Trailer)
Their love for dogs — và their dogs' love for them — becomes a lifeline for an astronaut, a Brazilian priest, a college mascot's caregiver và more.

Butler University's beloved mascot — an aging English bulldog named Trip — faces retirement just as his longtime handler must undergo a risky surgery.

A former astronaut hits the road with his Rhodesian ridgebacks on an emotional trip to lớn honor his friends, the deceased crew of space shuttle Columbia.

Dog lovers reach across borders khổng lồ help a returning American veteran get a stray puppy from Iraq khổng lồ the US, where they both face new difficulties.

A Brazilian priest's abiding compassion for unwanted strays inspires a grassroots network devoted to lớn finding them homes, one dog at a time.

From war-torn Syria lớn a restaurant in Italy, this series explores the unshakeable devotion between dogs and their owners, no matter the circumstances.

When Corrine, a young girl with epilepsy, begins lớn bond with Rory, a service dog trained to detect seizures, renewed hope comes khổng lồ her family.

Longing for reunion, Syrian refugee Ayham makes dangerous plans with a loyal friend to smuggle his cherished husky, Zeus, out of war-torn Damascus.

The steadfast presence of aging Labrador retriever Ice comforts Italian fisherman Alessandro as his livelihood faces an uncertain future on Lake Como.

Japanese groomers Miki và Kenichi bring soulfulness to their quiet work, but their style faces an uphill battle at an American grooming competition.

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With iron resolve but scarce resources, Álvaro and Lya pour their lives into running a vast free-range shelter for dogs abandoned in Costa Rica.

Devoted dog-adoption advocate Anna drives dozens of dogs -- by herself -- from Texas shelters to lớn brand new lives with adopters in thủ đô new york City.

In a football-loving town, a small-time magician with no athletic skill must win a coveted football trophy in order khổng lồ marry the love of his life.
What if a secret society has been working lớn influence world events for the greater good since the black Plague? A comedy series starring Mike Myers.
Rafa's hooked on the pure, fiery feelings he gets from tốc độ racing, but when his kid's mom gets mixed up with drug dealers, he burns rubber to lớn save her.
A determined prosecutor becomes consumed with the case of a missing 13-year-old and goes khổng lồ extreme lengths lớn get lớn the truth. Based on a real case.
A desperate rabbit rallies an unexpected band of allies to lớn help him escape from inside a magician's hat và return to lớn the human boy he loves.
Pope Francis and other men and women all over the world aged 70+ — both famous & everyday people — giới thiệu their life stories with young filmmakers.
Spies, lies & secrets flourish in Glória vì Ribatejo, 1968, as a privileged Radio free Europe engineer plays all the angles of Cold War Portugal.
A new saga begins 100 years after the original series concludes, dramatizing the adventures of the most famous Vikings who ever lived.