Galaxy note 20: here"s who should buy it and who should upgrade to the ultra

The Samsung Galaxy lưu ý 20 and note 20 Ultra are very different phones. Here’s how they compare.

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Sometimes, phones from the same hàng hóa line are carbon copies of each other, with every feature save for size and price more or less the same. That"s not the case with the Samsung Galaxy lưu ý 20 & Galaxy chú ý 20 Ultra. Samsung has come out with two very different phablets, from the materials it uses khổng lồ the features that the phones support.

In fact, it would take less time lớn talk about what the Galaxy note 20 and cảnh báo 20 Ultra have in common than to outline their differences. That"s why a Galaxy cảnh báo 20 Ultra vs Galaxy cảnh báo 20 face-off is necessary if you"re trying lớn decide which new Samsung phone lớn buy.

We"re still testing the Galaxy cảnh báo 20, but we"ve had a chance to publish our Galaxy chú ý 20 Ultra review, including benchmarks, photo comparisons & battery tests. Here"s a closer look at the differences between the Galaxy lưu ý 20 and chú ý 20 Ultra so far.

Galaxy chú ý 20 vs. Galaxy lưu ý 20 Ultra specs

Galaxy lưu ý 20Galaxy lưu ý 20 Ultra
Display6.7-inch AMOLED (FHD; 60Hz)6.9-inch AMOLED (QHD; 120Hz)
CPUSnapdragon 865 PlusSnapdragon 865 Plus
Storage128GB128GB, 512GB
microSD Slot?NoYes
Rear camera12MP wide (ƒ/1.8); 64MP telephoto with 3x lossless zoom (ƒ/1.8); 12MP ultrawide (ƒ/2.2)108MP wide (ƒ/1.8); 12MP telephoto with 5x optical zoom (ƒ/3.0); 12MP ultrawide (ƒ/2.2)
Front camera10MP (ƒ/2.2)10MP (ƒ/2.2)
Battery4,300 mAh4,500 mAh
Battery life (Hrs:Mins)Not yet tested10:26 (60Hz) / 7:59 (120Hz)
Charging25W wired; 15W wireless25W wired; 15W wireless
OSAndroid 10 with One UI 2.0Android 10 with One UI 2.0
ColorsMystic Gray, Mystic Green, Mystic BronzeMystic Bronze, Mystic Black, Mystic White
Size6.36 x 2.96 x 0.32 inches6.48 x 3.04 x 0.32 inches
Weight6.84 ounces7.33 ounces

Galaxy cảnh báo 20 vs. Galaxy lưu ý 20 Ultra price and availability

The Galaxy lưu ý 20 is the cheaper of Samsung"s new phablets by some measure. It"s $999, which is a $50 premium over the Galaxy lưu ý 10 that it replaces in Samsung"s lineup.

Today"s best Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 20 deals

Galaxy note 20 Ultra (Image credit: Samsung)

Instead of the metal và glass materials commonly associated with $1,000 flagship phones, the cảnh báo 20 uses what Samsung calls "reinforced polycarbonate." That"s plastic by any other name, though Samsung insists it"s similarly durable lớn glass. Nevertheless, it feels lượt thích an odd choice for what"s supposed khổng lồ be a high-end phablet.

Galaxy lưu ý 20 (Image credit: Tom"s Guide)

There are other kiến thiết differences beyond just the varying sizes that accommodate the phones" respective screens. (The chú ý 20 Ultra is taller & wider than the standard mã sản phẩm and weighs half-an-ounce more.) The chú ý 20"s display has flat edges while the lưu ý 20 Ultra offers a more noticeable curve. Both phones sport the same IP68 rating for water resistance, though, so the differences are mostly skin deep.

Galaxy lưu ý 20 vs. Galaxy lưu ý 20 Ultra display

As you"d expect, Samsung has gone with different-sized OLED panels for the lưu ý 20 and note 20 Ultra, though these are both very large phablets. The Galaxy chú ý 20 has a 6.7-inch screen with Full HD resolution, while the chú ý 20 Ultra sports a 6.9-inch display capable of QHD resolution.

Galaxy chú ý 20 Ultra (Image credit: Tom"s Guide)

The real difference, though, lies in the screen"s refresh rate. The Galaxy cảnh báo 20 Ultra is capable of a 120Hz refresh rate — double the speed of most conventional phones, including the note 20, which tops out at 60Hz. Even more significantly, the lưu ý 20 Ultra uses a dynamic refresh rate, adjusting to suit whatever activity you"re doing on your phone screen. When you"re scrolling the website or playing a compatible game, the chú ý 20 Ultra will use the faster refresh rate, slowing down at other times. The move is meant khổng lồ ease the strain on battery while still creating a more immersive experience.

During our Galaxy cảnh báo 20 Ultra testing, scrolling proved to lớn be very smooth with Adaptive Mode turned on. Testing out Dead Trigger 2 on the optimized screen, we found the trò chơi to be very responsive.

Galaxy lưu ý 20 Ultra (Image credit: Future)

We still need to kiểm tra the note 20"s display, but the chú ý 20 Ultra sets a high standard, at 662 nits of brightness. The larger Galaxy lưu ý was able khổng lồ capture 121.5% of the sRGB color gamut in Natural Mode và 201.2% in Vivid mode. Based on the Galaxy cảnh báo 20 Ultra"s Delta-E score of 0.24, those colors were pretty accurate. (Numbers closer lớn zero are better.)

Galaxy cảnh báo 20 vs. Galaxy chú ý 20 Ultra cameras

It"s impossible to lớn compare cameras on the Galaxy note 20 vs. The Galaxy cảnh báo 20 Ultra until we have take both phones out for a shooting session. But on paper và after our initial cảnh báo 20 Ultra tests, at least, the larger of Samsung"s phablets can claim the more impressive array of lenses.

Galaxy note 20 Ultra (Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has outfitted the cảnh báo 20 Ultra with the same main camera as the Galaxy S20 Ultra — that"s a 108MP shooter that can take very vivid photos, & a laze autofocus sensor is there to help the lens focus more reliably. Augmenting all that is a 12MP wide angle sensor và a 12MP telephoto lens that can deliver a 5x optical zoom. You can zoom up to lớn 50x if you put your faith in the camera"s super resolution zoom, though you"ll probably want a tripod khổng lồ eliminate camera shake.

Even so, we were impressed by what we saw from the Galaxy lưu ý 20 Ultra"s telephoto lens. You can see more of our camera testing in our Galaxy cảnh báo 20 Ultra vs. IPhone 11 Pro Max camera shootout.

The power of 50x zoom. Its kind of scary. #GalaxyNote20Ultra 18, 2020

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The Galaxy lưu ý 20"s cameras aren"t exactly second-tier, though you will have khổng lồ settle for a 12MP main sensor. For the telephoto lens, the note 20 uses a 64MP sensor that delivers a 3x lossless zoom. A 12MP ultrawide shooter rounds out the cảnh báo 20"s trio of sensors.

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Galaxy lưu ý 20 (Image credit: Tom"s Guide)

Up front, both phones feature the same 10MP selfie cam, so your self-portraits should be unaffected by whichever mã sản phẩm you purchase.

Galaxy note 20 vs. Galaxy note 20 Ultra performance

Here"s one area in which you won"t find much difference between the two phones. Samsung opted to equip both the Galaxy cảnh báo 20 and cảnh báo 20 Ultra with Snapdragon 865 Plus silicon. That"s the best chipset you"ll find in an game android phone, và it should help both Galaxy Notes challenge Apple"s iPhone — at least until the A14 Bionic-powered iPhone 12 models arrive later this fall.

Galaxy cảnh báo 20 (Image credit: Tom"s Guide)

There"s a difference in RAM — the Galaxy note 20 has 8GB of memory khổng lồ the Galaxy note 20 Ultra"s 12GB — so you would imagine switching between apps will go smoother on the note 20 Ultra than on the standard model. The Galaxy cảnh báo 20 Ultra will likely outperform the note 20 on some benchmark tests when we get a chance to lớn thoroughly review both phones, but it won"t be by much.

We"ll update this article with the Galaxy lưu ý 20"s benchmark scores when we have them, but the Galaxy lưu ý 20 Ultra performed well on our tests. On Geekbench 5, the chú ý 20 Ultra hit a multi-core score of 3,294, which is ahead of most android phones but behind the hãng asus ROG Phone 3 (3,393).

The biggest difference here involves storage, and it"s a significant handicap for the chú ý 20. Samsung only ships that phone in a single 128GB configuration; worse, there"s no microSD thẻ slot, so the storage that ships with the phone is all you get. You can opt for either a 128GB or 512GB version of the Galaxy cảnh báo 20 Ultra, và there"s an expansion thẻ slot if that storage isn"t enough.

Galaxy lưu ý 20 vs. Galaxy cảnh báo 20 Ultra battery life

Battery life could also be closer than expected between these two phones. The Galaxy cảnh báo 20 features a 4,300 mAh battery compared lớn a 4,500 mAh nguồn pack in the Galaxy lưu ý 20 Ultra. That"s not a huge difference, especially since the note 20 Ultra has a large screen to lớn keep powered up — & one that will be taxing the battery with a faster refresh rate on occasion.

Indeed, battery testing for the cảnh báo 20 Ultra was a mixed bag. On our battery test, which involves setting the phones to lớn surf the web continuously over LTE until they run out of power, the cảnh báo 20 Ultra held out for 10 hours, 26 minutes. That"s above average for a phone, but it"s also with the phone set lớn a 60Hz refresh rate. With the 120Hz rate enabled, our note 20 Ultra lasted a minute less than 8 hours.

Galaxy chú ý 20 (Image credit: Evan Blass)

You"ll find a 25W charger with either phone, which is capable of getting a drained chú ý 20 khổng lồ a 50% charge after 30 minutes, according to lớn Samsung. We plan to chạy thử both battery life và charging, but we"d guess that lưu ý 20 buyers won"t feel too shortchanged here.

Galaxy lưu ý 20 vs. Galaxy chú ý 20 Ultra software và special features

On the surface, this should also be a fairly comparable category. Both phones run android 10 và both include the S Pen, the powerful stylus that really elevates the Galaxy cảnh báo experience. But Samsung tipped the scale in the favor of the note 20 Ultra with a few extras for that larger phablet.

Galaxy lưu ý 20 Ultra (Image credit: Future)

While both phones support new Anywhere Actions where you can make gestures with the pen to return lớn the home screen or go back to lớn an opened ứng dụng among other commands, chú ý 20 Ultra owners will enjoy a more responsive stylus. Latency for the S Pen on the lưu ý 20 Ultra has been reduced to 9 ms, which felt as responsive as putting pen khổng lồ paper. On the cảnh báo 20, you"ll get 26ms latency.

Both note 20 models are eligible for the three-month trial subscription lớn Xbox trò chơi Pass & its ability khổng lồ stream more than 100 games starting in September. And if you don"t use a controller, the cảm biến screen on the cảnh báo 20 Ultra still offers a 240Hz cảm biến latency you won"t find on the regular lưu ý 20.

Galaxy note 20 vs. Galaxy cảnh báo 20 Ultra outlook

We still need to review both the Galaxy note 20 lớn reach a verdict, but Samsung has given us a very distinct choice in phablets this time around. The cảnh báo 20 Ultra has established itself as standout model, with its dynamic refresh rate, more flexible storage & 108MP main camera. & that"s before you get lớn little differences, lượt thích the lower latency you"ll enjoy when using the S Pen.

Of course, all those premium features command a sky-high price. The question Galaxy note 20 shoppers will have lớn ask themselves is whether that $300 price gap is worth it, especially if the standard note 20 offers the same powerful processor và an impressive camera array in its own right.

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